2008OTpimality? Interpreting performance errors in SA-OT.
Workshop talk given at: Third Workshop on Optimality Theory and Interpretation, November 7, 2008, University of Groningen. Slides. Program of the workshop.




The talk first summarizes the approach to the competence-performance dichotomy and performance errors, advocated by both Smolensky and co. in the Harmonic Mind and by myself in my dissertation. Then, I will describe how interpretation can be tackled in the framework of SA-OT (the algorithm introduced in my dissertation): the observed form must be a local optimum, and most probably is also a global optimum for the constraint hierarchy (hopefully) shared by the speaker and the hearer. The talk will thereby present the first steps towards the research carried out in my Veni project (to be soon started), and which I will also tell a few words, if time permits.