Optimality Theory
as a General Cognitive Architecture

Workshop held at the 33rd annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

July 20, 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts


Optimality Theory has been a very popular approach to linguistic phenomena, but how does it relate to (higher) cognition in general? Twenty-five years after the publication of Harmony Theory (Smolensky, 1986), and five years after The Harmonic Mind (Smolensky and Legendre, 2006), this half-day workshop at the 33rd annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society offers an opportunity to discuss the place of OT (and HG, and the ICS Architecture) within the cognitive sciences at large, as well as applications of OT to domains beyond linguistics.

Organized by Tamás Biró (University of Amsterdam) and Judit Gervain (CNRS-Paris Descartes).

News, important dates (all in 2011):

  • April 1: Workshop proposal is accepted.
  • April 22: Open call for posters, on Linguist List and Optimal List.
  • May 1: Final version of the workshop description submitted to CSS.
  • May 20: Submission deadline for posters.
  • May 27: Extended deadline for posters.
  • June 17: Full program available.
  • July 13: Abstract booklet available on the website.
  • July 20: Workshop takes place.

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