Statistics for EMCL students


Autumn 2008

Teacher: T. S. (Tamás) Biró

Course offered by Humanities Computing (another link), RUG


Lecture: Wednesdays, 13.00-15.00,
room 13.15.0048
Zernikezaal, Academy Building (from November 5).

Practicum: Thursdays 13.00-15.00,
room 13.12.0119AC.

NEW AGAIN: New room for Wednesdays!


Link to the website of Prof. John Nerbonne, with the material of earlier versions of this course. This course uses most of his material, including lecture slides.

Schedule of the semester and donwloadable files.


  1. General EMCL attendance policy also applies to this course.
  2. Attendance strongly recommended (both lectures and lab). No consultation for those not attending.
  3. Seven labs = seven assignments, to be sent in an email to the teacher. Six best ones count (one can be missed). If handed in late (more than one week after the lab), half of the points. No points if more than two weeks after the lab.
  4. All lab reports should summarize problem (and hypothesis), specify solutions (e.g., what test is used), describe what test result indicates about hypothesis, and show (some, not much) SPSS results. Unedited spss.log files are not acceptable. Reports should be 1-2 pages long.
  5. Final grade based on labs (60%) and theoretical exam (40%).


Required reading

NB: M&M refer to Moore, McCabe and Craig: Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (any edition, preferably sixth edition, 2009).

Fifth edition is for instance available in the central University Library (UB, in front of the Academy Building) under code "UB zaal Sociale Wetensch. usoc 014D 002", and many copies in the library of Social Sciences (different codes starting with "074 101 A EX").

Website of the book.

Link to the online catalogue of the university libraries.